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Acai Bowl Vs Pitaya Bowl Lodi NJ

Which One is Better: Acai or

By Kourtney Catini
First, let’s start with what is acai
and pitaya? Acai is a type of berry that is
harvested from palm trees native to
mainly Central and South America. It is a
small, blue-ish berry that has several
health benefits. Pitaya is rooted from
dragon fruits, or other cacti, indigenous to
tropical regions of the U.S., Caribbean
Islands, and Southeastern Asia. Both of
these fruits are often in the form of a
purée and used to make food items such
as ‘acai bowls’ or ‘pitaya bowls’.
Now let’s talk about taste. Though
both fruits, acai and pitaya are very
different taste-wise. Acai is known for
being a little sweeter than the latter, with a
similar taste to blackberries or blueberries
(and it’s similar in color!). Pitaya generally
has a bitter taste but is often paired with
bananas and/or strawberries to give it a
sweeter complexion. Pitaya is naturally a
bright pink color with little black seeds.
One of the most important,
influential, and essential factors of acai or
pitaya, is what they are paired with. Since
most production of acai and pitaya are in
the form of a purée, they are usually
frozen for preservation, thus leading to
wonderful fruit bowls! When blended with
a base liquid and another fruit, a velvety,
smooth base is made for all sorts of
toppings. To maximize health benefits,
acai and pitaya are frequently garnished
with granola, other fresh fruits, and honey!
Of course, chocolate and peanut butter
lovers can add Nutella or their favorite
brand of sweetness to give it a wonderful
So, what exactly are these health
benefits? Both offer several vitamins and
nutrients, ranging from Vitamin C to
Calcium. They are both rich in
antioxidants, which are best at helping
keep your body protected from diseases,
cancers, and even decrease stress
hormones! Antioxidants are also good at
removing toxins from your skin, too! Acai
and pitaya are also chuck-full of fiber,
which is amazing for digestive health.
Overall, your body can profit from these
tasty treats!

Acai Bowl
Pitaya Bowl
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