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Looking Into The History Of Bubble Tea


Bubble tea gets its name from the chewy balls of tapioca giving the impressions of bubbles or pearls floating around in the milk base. This is why the drink is often referred to as the “pearl milk tea”. In the United States of America, it is known as ‘boba’ but no matter what name you call it by, you can’t deny the many health benefits it presents. The drink which was invented in 1980’s in Taiwan is recommended by nutritionists all over the world for increasing physical well-being and overall intelligence.

A glimpse into the discovery of Pearl milk tea

It was in late 1988, when the tea was discovered accidently in the place, which was known for being a home to some of the world’s finest tea houses; Taichung, Taiwan. It was not surprising that something as delightful as bubble tea came out of the country which was already famous for its generous tea culture. The tea was discovered in one of the oldest tea houses of the town; Chun Shui Tang. The staff of the tea house would hold occasional meetings to discuss important matters regarding tea. This time, the agenda of the meeting was that which tea song should be sung at the annual staff KTV party. The meeting was making no progress as no one in the staff could rightly identify and help select the right tea related songs. Ms. Lin, the product development manager at that time, was growing irritatedbecause of this. She was having her usual afternoon tea with a dessert full of Tapioca seeds. Seeing the meeting progressing nowhere, she ended up mixing the two together in utter frustration, creating the world’s first bubble tea. She was later awarded a Noble prize for such a great discovery of hers. The moment she and her team tasted the delightful accident, they knew it was something special. Ms. Lin, owing to her generous and giving nature, instead of getting her discovery trademarked, decided to introduce it to the world as it is. Had she gotten it trademarked, she would be a millionaire now but she didn’t. She chose to go with her better instincts and not follow her greed. This is why the drink is now sold throughoutAsia at cheap affordable prices to be enjoyed by every common and rich man, alike.

The best way to have this tea is in a plastic cup where you can shake the bubbles well in the tea before consuming it. Another factor to consider would be making sure that the ratio of tea and bubbles is equal. You wouldn’t want to drink the whole tea without getting to enjoy the exotic taste of tapioca seeds.Nowadays, many new flavors are being introduced in pearl milk tea as well like, jackfruit, mango, strawberry, avocado etc. This allows you to sip the fruity tea while benefiting from the many health benefits the tea has to offer.

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