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Frozen Yogurt Lodi, NJ

Frozen Yogurt /Fro-Yo - Acai Bowls  Pitaya Bowls - Bubble Tea  Smoothies - Lodi NJ

Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies 
Lodi, NJ

Fro-yo Lodi, NJ
About Us
Creations Frozen Yogurt is a family owned and operated business. At Creations our goal is to provide the customer with endless amounts of creative combinations. With 15 flavors to choose from and 36 toppings to pair with. The cup is in your hands. Every few weeks we alternate flavors to broaden our creative atmosphere, so check back soon to see what's next. At Creations we use only the finest quality low fat yogurt. Our mission Is to provide the best tasting yogurt around while keeping your health in mind.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns don't be hesitant to speak up. We're always open for new creative ideas.
Frozen Yogurt Shop Lodi, NJ
Frozen Yogurt

We offer over 20 flavors of Frozen Yogurt, that usually change with the season and with our vast number of toppings, we allow you to create your own masterpiece.

Smoothies Paramus NJ

We offer a variety of fruit based smoothies as well as milk shakes. We use the finest protein powder from our neighbors over at GNC, which can be added to any milk shake or smoothie.

Bubble Tea Store

Bubble tea gets its name from the chewy balls of tapioca giving the impressions of bubbles or pearls floating around in the milk base. This is why the drink is often referred to as the “pearl milk tea”

Acai Bowl Near Paramus NJ

An Acai Bowl is a trаditiоnаl diѕh originally еаtеn оn the beaches оf Brazil, açaí bоwlѕ are сrаzу рорulаr аrоund the wоrld

Pitaya bowl

Pitaya is rooted from
dragon fruits, or other cacti, indigenous to
tropical regions of the U.S., Caribbean
Islands, and Southeastern Asia.


Fro-yo Lodi, NJ

"Seriously the best yogurt place in Bergen county. Let's start

with the cup size - they are HUGE. I wish they had a smaller cup size (but not really). Soo many awesome flavors that I never see anywhere else and there always seems to be new ones when I go back too (which keeps me coming back!). Huge topping selection, more than the other yogurt places. Super clean and the staff is extremely friendly :) Love this place and I am so happy they are open year round! Also I wish they had bubble tea because I can't seem to find it anywhere in my area" - Lauren S.

yelp reviews lodi, NJ
Bubble Tea Lodi, NJ

I love acai & pitaya bowls but playa bowls is too far and out of the way for my fix. Creations is a local spot and such a great place for bowls and regular froyo as well! the bowls are always filled to rim & filled with a lot of fruit too so u get a good bang for ur buck. love this place; great service also! ~ Victoria Cass

google reviews Lodi, Nj
Acai Bowl Lodi, NJ

Best frozen yogurt please in the area. Super clean, friendly staff, and a lot of choices of flavors and toppings. Will definitely be coming back for more.

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